Euro Budo International offers a Unique Global wide Competition concept that is Federation  independent and open towards Martial Arts and/or Sport Fighting practitioners from different disciplines.


At this moment four competition Forms are promoted :

        • Random Attacks 
        • Sport Fighting
        • Ground-Fight
        • Semi-Contact/Karate

The aim of Euro-Budo International is to develop these four forms in parallel with other structured Competition forms such as Duo Games, JJ Fighting, BJJ, MMA, Non Contact Karate, etc... 

Eurobudo International is working in partnership with different Federations, countries and/or clubs/Martial Arts Schools to align the rules for the above mentioned competition forms.

Each Federation is free to organize its local and/or National "Random Attacks, Semi-Contact, Sport Fighting and/or Ground Fighting Competition" but will allow participation of members and/or non members of Euro budo International.


The rules will be common for International, National and local competitions.


The goal of this structured approach is to build an attractive system with common rules to allow Martial Arts and/or Sport fighting practitioners to compete on an equal basis.


Are you as Country/Federation/School/Club - interested in becoming a member of Eurobudo International?
Have a look at Structure or contact us.