Random Attacks

Random Attacks are a form of competition in which the contestants don’t fight against each other but demonstrate their self defense skills on random attacks from their partner. The attacks are determined by the Referee. Random attacks is open for each participant of martial arts that use self defense techniques in combination with reaction tests.

Random Attacks is the ideal competition form for traditionnal Ju-jutsu, Tai-jitsu, Aikido, Aiki-Jitsu, Hapkido, Combat Sambo, Krav Maga, Close Combat, and many others...

The combination of reaction time and the execution of a good and efficient technique decides the result of the contest. The contestant doesn’t know in advance which attack is coming. At a signal from the Referee the partner executes the attack that was chosen by the Referee a second beforehand and which is only known by the partner.

Random Attacks is a form of competition in which the contestants will sharpen their reaction time and demonstrate their skills and techniques within safe perimeters.


Sport Fighting

"Sport Fighting" is a competition form in which the combat takes place directly against an opponent. 

It consists of :

  • Phase 1: Semi-Contact: punching, kicking and striking techniques,
  • Phase 2: throwing techniques
  • Phase 3: the ground combat

"Sport Fighting" is a safe competition form in which the contestants wear protective gear and use their techniques in a fair and controlled way.

It is an ongoing combat where the referee takes care that the combat is accomplished in a safe way and will interrupt the combat if necessary. 

If none of the contestants have submitted during combat the jury will decide who the winner is. The decision is made based on commitment, control and the techniques used during the combat.

Sport Fighting is open to any form of martial arts.




Ground fight logoGround-Fight


Ground-Fight is a competition format, getting more and more attention of the modern Martial Artist. One is competing his opponent directly, in a "Ground-Fight". Used techniques are : immobilisation, arm- and leglocks, chokes. The goal is to achieve a submission of the opponent, through non-stop action 


Ground-Fight is a safe competition format, suitable for any Martial Artist, familiar with Ground-Techniques in a controlled manner.